Scott has circumnavigated the planet multiple times and crossed all seven continents, including the length of the Americas, Antarctica, and the full width of Eurasia (all the way to Magadan on the Road of Bones).  He has also crossed much of Asia on the Silk Road via the Middle East and Central Asia.

Media and Racing

Scott has worked with Toyota, Top Gear, Speed Channel, The Grid, and other productions to produce engaging adventure projects. He has also competed as a professional driver, including becoming the only American (driver) to win the Outback Challenge. Scott also led the first American team to cross Antarctica by 4WD. His achievements as an entrepreneur were featured in Forbes magazine.

Expeditions 7

Scott Brady originally developed the Expeditions 7 concept in 2006, but it took a capable partner to bring the proposal to life. In 2011, Greg Miller joined as the lead adventure and project underwriter. Over three years, the team traveled to all seven continents with Toyota Land Cruisers, the first group in history to achieve the feat. expeditions7.com