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Scott Brady is an adventure traveler, photographer, and publisher. He is the CEO of Overland International, parent company of Overland Journal magazine and expeditionportal.com, the world’s largest and most visited vehicle-dependent expedition community and overlanding editorial resource. Because of the large audiences to these outlets (over 1 million visitors monthly), Scott is often credited for popularizing overland travel in North America. 

As an overlander, Scott has crossed all seven continents and circumnavigated the planet three times by a combination of 4WD vehicle and adventure motorcycle. He was the expedition leader of the Expeditions 7 project (in partnership with Greg Miller), a three-year global adventure that took the same Toyota Land Cruiser to all seven continents (completed in 2014).  His driving and expedition skills have been employed by Top Gear, Toyota, Jeep, Mobil1, and others.

Notable Accomplishments:
First (and only) American Driver to win the Outback Challenge (2006)
Crossing Central America from Mexico to the Darien Gap (2009)
Crossing the Silk Road through Central Asia to Mongolia (2010)
Circumnavigation of the Northern Hemisphere (2012, also completing 2010 route)
First Americans to cross (dual crossing) of the Antarctic continent by 4wd (2013)
Completion of Expeditions 7, first in history to take the same 4wd to all seven continents (2014)
Circumnavigation of the Southern Hemisphere (2014)
Successful crossing of all Seven Continents (2014)
Completion of the full length of the Panamerican Highway (2016)
First crossing of the long-axis of the Greenland ice sheet by 4WD (2018)


As a photographer and journalist, Scott has contributed to high-quality publications and commercial clients like Overland Journal, Expedition Portal, Toyota, Jeep, Robb Report, Outside, Guns and Ammo, Wheels Afield, Adventure Journal, and others. Scott was also featured in Fortune magazine, relating his experiences as an entrepreneur and adventurer. He has also been featured on television for the Speed Channel, Dangerous Drives, The Grid, Fox Sports, and Top Gear USA. Scott lives in Prescott, Arizona.   

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